The Shadow Vanguard


Emblem: A black wolf covering a setting sun

“Power resides where men believe it resides. No more and no less.”

The Shadow Vanguard represents the dark corners of Vesmora (However mainly Crestshine so far). While the university has its books, the army their formations and the Inquisitors their discipline – ours is the art of information, stealth, rumors and knives in the dark.
A most secret order to keep the land of Vesmora safe, of course. But one cannot always walk the path of light, for you will miss what lingers in the shadows.
We dont limit ourselves to man-made laws, yet we won’t strive to break them.

Master of whisperers:
Grrimwolf Greatcleave

Wildemar Lockheart

Tharag Darkhale(Rogue) Sander Grey (Rogue)

Knoxwill Rose(Barbar)

Lee Xiao(Monk), Aldemar Song (Ranger)

William Trask (Ranger), Lars Johnson(Monk), Reidun the ravaged(Barbar)

Begging brother:
No-toe Pete (Fighter)

The Shadow Vanguard

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