General Adon Alantis - Hero of the common people.

Wood Elf, Ranger, Lawful Good.


Race: Wood Elf.
Sex: Male.
Class: Ranger.
Alignment: Lawful Good.
Age: 150. ( Adulthood )
Campaign Background: Folk Hero.
Religion: Tempus – God of Battle.
Weapon of Choice: Long bow.

Strength: 10
Dexterity: 14 (16)
Constitution: 13
Intelligence: 8
Wisdom: 13 (14)
Charisma: 14

“Before you stands a Wood elf of average height, his physique is slender – and he moves with keen elven agile and swiftness.

Always clad in breastplate, with the Vesmora tabard over his armor – hanging on his back is a long bow and an elven double-scimitar.

Adon is a well spoken and charismatic man, although not the brightest. May sometimes be a little to confident in his own skills and abilities thus bringing the general into trouble. He believes in order and discipline within the army ranks – and expects only the best from himself and his troops.
((a good mix of General Maximus from the Gladiator – and Gaston from Beauty and the Beast sums up Adon’s personality quite well.))

Adon Alantis has served as a soldier in Lord Reimund’s army for several years. Approx three years ago – Adon, at that time an army ranger, assisted Lord Reimund to sieze control of the land of Vesmora. The former general was slain during the campaign. Lord Reimund in dire need of a new General – found Adon well suited for the task – A faithful soldier and a well liked, respected champion of the common people.

Not only known to the common people as a soldier that wishes his people the best, keeps them well protected and safe – there is a heroic tale about Adon known to most in Vesmora. A few years ago, one of the smaller civilian settlements was raided by orcs – killed, pillaged, looted for all values and captured as slaves. Adon single handedly tracked down and ended the lives of all orcs in the raiding party – afterwards he freed all captured civilians and returned both them and their belongings back to their settlement.


Not much of a politician – during council meetings his focus and thoughts is often driven away by daydreaming of epic battles and heroic tales!

General Adon Alantis - Hero of the common people.

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