Elital ben Adar Singcloak

Councillor of Crestshine


A graceful young man clad in colorfull robes with gold embroderied cuffs and fire red sleeves. His many-patched-multi-colored cloak always hanging down behind one of his arms. Such a regal stance.


Adar Singcolak was the first person who started to rally the people, to get their voices heard on the smal council. His popularity grew faster than the Lord anticipated, and partially out of fear for a riot the Lord agreed a space for the people around the table.

For two years Adar thought his son how to behave in front of people, how to get them to like you, how to influence persons, even without them knowing it themselves.

Just after two years around the table Adar surprisingly died, and the natural replacement was his son Elital.

Elital, as his father before him, knows the peoples desires and wellbeeing. He knows how to get the people to prosper, to get the state to grow.

Elital ben Adar Singcloak

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