Capital: Crestshine
Population: 8900
Noble Rank: Lord
Philosophy: Law, Order, Dicepline
Alignment: LN

Government: Ruled by Lord Reimund III Crestshine and his council
Defense: Wall, towers, smal moat, 3 lockable gates and killing grounds when trying to ascend the smal hill. 370 soldiers under The Lord and the generals command, and 200 is under Cas Greysuns command.
Trade: Crestshine is the major trading place in Vesmora. Different markedplaces, merchant shops and street sellers. Due to the high concentration and different organisations there is a possibility of obtaining excotic goods.
Organisations: The Army of Vesmora, The holy grounds, University, Inquisitors, Merchant guild, the smal folk

Alliances: Adicia

A newly claimed land by Lord Crestshine.

By night, Vesmora lies within the shadow of the great volcano Suhix, only each 4th year the moon shines upon the city.

The land is charred by old eruptions, and laid to waste by the War of Kings. Mostly it is desert and ruins, but on the east side close to the mountain there is a groove, spared from all eruptions by a overhanging rockformation. It is very fertile and produces much of the food and water transported throughout the state.

Vesmoras coastline is rich with fishery villages and smal towns, both ruins after the war and thriving villages. There are just too few boats, and bearly no forest within Vesmoras boarders.

Before the war, the plains was not charred, they were fertile with agriculture and farms. Nowdays there are mostly ruins, and most people have moved towards the coast and Fort Crestshine looking for work and money. There are still some farms left, but not nearly enough to feed Vesmoras people.

Crossing Vesmora from the coast in the east to Suhix in the west is a smal unnamed mountain chain, bearly explored.


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