General starting rules

The game starts at lvl 3. Using the regular DnD 5th ed. rules from the players hadbook, monster manual and dungeon master guide.

650 gold and general starting equipment

You have 27 points to spend on your ability scores. The cost of each score is shown on the Ability Score Point Cost table. For example, a score o f 14 costs 7 points. Using this method, 15 is the highest ability score you can end up with, before applying racial increases. You can’t have a score lower than 8.


The player have to make a backstory for the character explaining why Lord Crestshine have elected you to the council, and for that spesific council role. Remember, you are still only lvl 3, so you did NOT conquer the world, yet.

Furthermore the player have to chose “common” languages, unless notet otherwise from the backgrounds.

Lastly, especially clerics have to chose a faith and a domain.

This campaign rely heavily on the players to stay in character, and play as the character would experience the events unfolding.

The players are rewarded for good roleplay, smart choices, and perfectly executed battles.

You said you wanted to assassinate the prince? Rob the tresury? Make your own land? Whatever else you want to do? Ok, by all means, but you better have a plan. The DM does not set the limitations of your success, it is your own planning and scheeming that set the limitations on how far Vesmora can grow, or how hard it will fall.

General starting rules

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