Grrimwolf Greatcleave

"Grrimwolf the Great". Diplomat, spymaster, criminal, champion fighter. The first of his name.


Height: 198cm
Weight: 180kg
Hair: Black
Skin: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Weapon of choice: Greataxe
Diety: Talos
Class: Champion fighter
Background: Criminal


Former enforcer and tax collector for an up-and-coming criminal gang, Grrimwolf turned champion fighter through large amounts of training. He then turned diplomat and secured a seat on the high council of Crestshine. Did I mention he was a half-orc ? Despite a fairly young age this up-and coming orc crushes every orcish stereotype there is. A walking mountain wielding a great axe he might be, but he’s far from his normal dimwitted cousins. Being able to use his head for more then headbutts the giant orc was picked to represent Vestmora in stately matters and have done so with excellence. Using his connections with the underground and past experiences as a criminal he was well equipped to handle the political drama that occured in the shadows. And if words won’t handle matters, be it on your head – in every sense of the word.
Together with his council companions and friends; Alberich, Adon and Jared he is determind to make Crestshine a city that will stand the test of time – and in doing so, creating a legacy that will echo in eternity.

Months have passed and “GG” have taken the title as spymaster as well diplomat for the kingdom. Unbeknownst to everyone else except his trusted friend, Wildemar he has also founded The Shadow Vanguard. As dark nights cover up the ravens flight so too does the Vanguard act with great subtlety as they mainly operate in the dark. Already shown themselves to aid Vesmora and having its best interest at heart, one can only wonder what their true motive is. Having faced down ancient red wyrms, Gogrons, giants and everything else these lands have thrown at him, there can be no doubt Grrimwolf has grown to be a very competant half-orc.

Grrimwolf Greatcleave

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