Alberich Maksim

The enigmatic Magister of Crestshine, the Exiled Outcast


I may be serene. I might seem calm and collected. Sluggish even! That is a choice I made. A choice I made for YOUR safety. Through meditation, herbal tea, calming smoking-leaves, I’ve managed to reign myself in. You might think me addicted to my leaves, mushrooms and plants. Every one of them dulling my senses, disconnecting me from my own body. But that’s where you’re wrong. I NEED them! I need them to protect you all from ME! For inside me there’s a fire. My blood is constantly boiling. My nerves are on fire. The crackling of flames deafens me. Arcane power just waiting to be released. No, power DEMANDING to be released. THAT is my addiction. Now, run little one. RUN BEFORE YOU’RE JUST ANOTHER LITTLE PILE OF ASH IN MY WAKE!

Race: Half-Elf
Sex: Male
Class: Sorcerer, Draconic Bloodline, Red Dragon
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: 19
Campaign Background: Hermit
Religion: Mystra, Goddess of Magic
Weapon of Choice: ARCANE FIRE!!!!

Strength: 10
Dexterity: 14
Constitution: 14
Intelligence: 12
Wisdom: 12
Charisma: 18


The young, mysterious and relatively unknown Alberich Maksim, is a relatively new addition to the council of Crestshine. It’s no easy task to find someone capable to take the mantle as a Magister. So when a young man, rumored to dabble in witchcraft, appeared in Crestshine, Lord Reimund couldn’t let the chance pass. After passing a few basic tests, Alberich Maksim was appointed as Magister of Crestshine.

Growing up in a half-elven haven called Peredhil, outside the border of Eifera, Alberich lived his early years as an outcast. Peredhil is a small community of outcasts that originates from the elven lands of Eifera. Peredhil is there to tend to and take care of the young children deemed outcasts, a practice that is tolerated by the elves. It is a very small and closed community, giving the outcasts a sense of family. As they grow older, they are given the choice to stay, to become one of the elders that will continue to uphold the practice of sheltering outcasts. The other choice is to go wherever they please, see the world, live as they please, knowing that they always can return to Peredhil.

Alberich took to the study of plants and trees very fast. Always jumping at the chance of venturing deep into the woods to collect something new. He became an apprentice under the local medicine-woman, learning the basics of herbalism and medicine. Creating poultices and potions, he had a natural knack for the craft. As a young man, he truly enjoyed his life, he was satisfied. He helped others, he contributed, he was needed by others. He truly felt his life had some worth. This was his true family. But it wasn’t meant to last.

It started with the dreams. Vivid, fever-induced dreams, where he would wake up covered in sweat. A strange language that assaulted his mind. A rumbling deep voice that shook him awake at night. Visions of fire, of flames, a burning crescendo. For months this would continue. Alberich hid it, afraid of what this meant. Had he gone mad? After a year, suddenly he understood the words: “Do you finally hear me?! THE BLOOD IS CALLING! IT WILL NOT BE DENIED!” He woke up to roars of flames, the hut of him and his mentor was ablaze. And the source? It was himself. He could feel it. This was his flames, they had been a part of him, created by him, given life by him. Shocked and horrified, he ran away as fast as he could. The cries of his mentor haunted him. Deep into the woods he ran. For days he stayed outside alone, only some old ruins to give him shelter. Eventually someone from Peredhil managed to track him down, explained to him that sorcerers aren’t unheard of amongst those with elven blood. Explaining that violent reactions when the powers manifest are relatively common, that no one in Peredhil blamed him for the events. But how could he face others, when he couldn’t face himself?

So he took a self-imposed exile from Peredhil. He would still get visits from the haven, begging him to come back. But Alberich couldn’t be swayed. He helped the sick who came to him. He didn’t turn anyone away that needed his skill with medicine. Never taking off his hood in their presence, so deep was his shame. In these dark times Alberich resorted to the use of certain intoxicating plants and roots to calm his mind and dreams. Meditating to cleanse himself of the flame within. But to be rid of it seemed impossible, he only succeded in managing it. And it was within drug-induced dreams around this time the visions would start. Visions that sent him packing to Crestshine.

Alberich Maksim

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