Welcome to the state Vesmora


Fort Crestshine is a new thriving city which lies within the newly claimed land Vesmora. The Fort lies just on top of a crest. Three years ago Lord Crestshine established his claim to the ruined land, in the void of the War of Kings.

Vesmora is located on the island Suhix, and surrounded by 8 states that competes for power and influence. Vesmora is is a Lordship, the smalest, poorest, less influencable state of them all, whereas Tharos is a princeship – the biggest, oldest, strongest and most influenceable state of them all – ruled by Prince Tharos XI. So far none have claimed the one role; King of Suhix, none dare it, in fear of annhilation. The seat remains empty.

Once a year in the Gardens of the Moon a great summit is held, where each ruler and his masquerade attend – on neutral ground – to forge trade routes, exchange news, make peace or war, or just to have this years biggest party.

Many travelers through time have tried to cross the Moonless Sea – the Wet Desert, the Endless Storm – surrounding Suhix, but so far none have returned to tell the tales. So the island remains isolated, and the struggle for power and world domination continues through time.

In Vesmora there are many roles to fulfill, and Lord Crestshine will rely on each of them to do their job to enhance growth, influence and power. Perhaps even to rival other states? It is up to the players to find their own way on the council, and get their desires fulfilled.

Tales of Stroldaax: The Deck of Dragons

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